The investment objective of the Emerging Markets All Cap Equity strategy is to outperform the MSCI Emerging Markets Index by 2 to 3% annualized over the long term by utilizing a concentrated, low turnover, fundamental, bottom-up, relative value approach.


RVX’s fundamental bottom-up, relative value philosophy is predicated on the assumption that stock prices are more volatile than the underlying intrinsic value of businesses. In effect, a stock should be viewed as a small piece of a business that is for sale.


RVX believes the key to investment success is to buy stocks of businesses which have determinable value, but which are unpopular or overlooked at the present time. As such, the objective will be to buy undervalued stocks.



Proprietary Database:
  • Ranks undervalued stocks using multi-factor model

  • Approximately 650 stocks by decile monthly

  • Model inputs validated by team

  • Broad industry and country representation

Identify Stocks:
  • Value characteristics

  • No illiquid, highly leveraged, or distressed securities

  • Systematic process

  • Portfolio construction

  • Risk management

  • Weekly investment meetings

Fundamental Analysis:
  • Top 30% of database are buy candidates

  • Focus on sustainable cash flow and dividends

  • Identifiable catalysts for appreciation

  • Analyst recommendation on intrinsic value

  • Timing

  • Goal is to minimize trading costs

Emerging Markets All Cap Equity Profile

Strategy Inception 12/31/2015
Strategy Long-only EM Equity
Market Cap All Cap
Vehicle Separate Accounts
Benchmark MSCI EM Index
Style Core, Value
Holding 25–50
Capacity $3 billion

Emerging Markets Equity Fact Sheet


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